Urgent Statement by the Prime Minister Print Version

The situation that has lately developed in certain regions of Georgia is absolutely appalling as confrontations have emerged between our Orthodox Christian and Muslim fellow citizens.

I would like to emphasize that confrontations of this type are totally alien to our people, not being a Georgian phenomenon. Orthodox Christians have coexisted with representatives of other religions in an absolutely peaceful manner, and there has not been even a single instance of confrontation on religious grounds throughout our history.

That is exactly why I believe that the recent intensification of confrontation on religious grounds bears obvious signs of provocation, having as its goal to discredit the Georgian state.
Freedom of religion is a constitutional right of every citizen of this country, and our government will not allow anyone to breach this right. The law enforcements will investigate every offense and everyone who unlawfully participates in this shameful confrontation will be severely punished.

I would like to appeal to our Orthodox Christian and Muslim citizens to restrain themselves and pay due respect to the tradition of our country, to which such a confrontation is absolutely alien. Do not yield to provocation and do not become participants of this most dishonorable action!

As the Prime Minister of this country, I assume the responsibility and promise you that the citizens of our country, regardless of their confessional affiliation, will have the guarantee of peaceful coexistence.