Meeting of the Government as of October 20, 2010

Meeting of the Government as of October 20, 2010 On October 20, 2010 was held the sitting of the Georgian Government. The agenda included 45 items.

Before the beginning of the sitting the Prime Minister of Georgia Mr. Nika Gilauri made a statement on vocational schools.
Below is given the text of his statement:

"Before the beginning of the sitting I would like to provide to those attended one information which regards the vocational schools. Together with the minister of education we have worked on their reorganization and restructuring of vocational schools for several months already. The reform is ready and its implementation is started up. We have changed the name of a vocational school. Since now it will be named a vocational college. There are 25 vocational schools throughout Georgia where 2/3 are rehabilitated and 1/3 are under rehabilitation process which will be completed next year.

Our citizens can master concrete professions that will facilitate the search of jobs in future. We want new colleges to be close to the private sector and in contact with it, because the private sector shall provide the list of those jobs which it requires and then employ the graduates at the companies.

In addition, noteworthy is the fact that we are in process of making agreement on the so called mobile partnership with the European countries. Such agreement with France has been drafted already and will be signed in the nearest future. Noteworthy is that the graduates of those vocational schools will be able to seek jobs in France at the first stage and thereafter in other European countries with which such agreement will be signed."

Prime Minister's Press Service