Meeting of the Government as of November 16, 2010

Meeting of the Government as of November 16, 2010 On November 16, 2010 was held the meeting of the Georgian Government. The agenda included 43 items.

On November 16, 2010, the meeting of the government of Georgia was held. The agenda included 43 issues.

Before commencing the meeting, the Prime Minister, Nika Gilauri made the statement regarding the several matters. Let us introduce Prime Minister's speech:

"I'd like to inform you that from the next meeting we'll begin intensive consideration of the government plans as of 2011. We'll summarize activities of each Ministry during 2010.

At the meeting of the government all the Ministers will have to make presentation about the activities of the Ministries in 2010 and plans to be executed during 2011 in connection with certain direction. I want to call on all the Ministers, as well Ministries, to make presentation in detail for the representatives of media and society after their presentations at the meeting (here to-day). The society must be aware of activities, objectives, achievements and problems of each Ministry as of 2010 and what problems they are going to solve in 2011.

We'll mainly deal with these issues during the next 5-6 meeting of the government after discussing the outcomes of each Ministry's activities and plans to be carried out in the next year.

Our focus has been on the health care this year and it will be still key priority in the next year. I visited to several hospitals yesterday, where we are funding rehabilitation works from the state budget. It is worth noting that we have success with this regard. These are Zhvania Childrens' Clinic and Railway Hospital. We are going to move several new clinics from different places of Tbilisi there and create Dighomi new cluster according to hospital infrastructure.

The 46 various clinics and medical centers are being under construction in the regions. The constructions thereof are initiated by the private sector, mainly by insurance companies. The International Financial Organizations are financing the rehabilitations and constructions in Rahca, Achara and Tbilisi as well.

I want to tell Sandro (Urishadze) that next months are important in the view of good monitoring in order to start constructions. The deadline of the constructions is the end of the next year. We are to finish 80% of these hospitals at the end of 2011 in order to offer the society new service of health care.

I'd like to ask him (Andria Urushadze) to make the monitoring group active as much as possible in all directions. Even in the direction, where the state is funding the works, as well, in the view where private sector is funding and making works itself.

We will have hard 2-3 months; I need a specific schedule regarding completion of the works till the end of the year; furthermore, monthly schedule, which we'll monitor next year."

Prime Minister's Press Service