Meeting of the Government as of Desember 1, 2010

 Meeting of the Government as of Desember 1, 2010 On Desember 1, 2010 was held the meeting of the Georgian Government. The agenda included 77 items.

On December 1, 2010, the government of Georgia held a meeting. There were 77 issues on the agenda. The agenda. Before the meeting started, the Prime Minister of Georgia, Nika Gilauri, talked about the conference organized by the IFC, the World Bank, and the government of Georgia. We present the Prime Minister's speech:

"I would like to comment on the World Bank conference which was held in Tbilisi. In recent days, representatives of 30 countries visited Tbilisi. Based on the reforms implemented during the years 2005-2010, the World Bank has named Georgia as number one reformer. They studied 175 countries in this respect. The World Bank designated Georgia as the country which has implemented the most reforms in order to simplify doing business for the private sector. These meetings and the conference were very important. Representatives of more than 30 countries were here. They studied the reforms carried out in the Ministry of Finance, the Revenue Service, the MIA, and the Ministry of Justice. At a meeting with me, they pointed out that they would copy a lot of the reforms in their own countries.

Georgia remains one of the main "exporters" of reforms in this region, which is very important for the international community and international politics.

As for the issues on today's agenda, one of the main issues at today's government meeting is the presentation of the reform of the Revenue Service. A lot of good steps have been taken in this service; a lot of good reforms have been carried out. However, several very important steps are yet to be taken. In particular, this pertains to the simplification and automatization of administration. The Minister of Finance and the Head of the Revenue Service will do presentations on this topic at the meeting.

I would like to ask both of them to do this presentation for the public as well, so that everyone knows well what steps we are taking in this direction, what reforms we have implemented, and what reforms we are planning to implement to simplify this area in the nearest future, so that the private sector feels the very important changes in the Revenue Service."

Prime Minister's Press Service