Interagency Working Group Meeting Present Concrete Plans for Solving Priority Issues Pertaining to Children’s Rights Print Version



The Human Rights Council's Interagency Working Group continues working on priority issues pertaining to children's rights. During today's regular meeting at the Government Administration, the participating agencies put forth concrete plans to solve priority issues.

Among the priorities the following were named: stronger support for social workers and psychologists working in the system of protection and care, development of rules and relevant protocols for crisis management in schools of general education, upgrading additional mechanisms of juvenile protection involved in investigative activities, an creation of standard guidelines for investigators.

During the Working Group's meeting, said issues were discussed jointly by representatives of state institutions and civic and international organizations.

Active cooperation under the Interagency Working Group continues with the Ministries of Interior, Justice, Education, Science, Culture and Sport, and of Internally Displaced Persons, Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia.