The Prime Minister Held a Session at the Emergency Headquarters that was Set Up to Ensure the Swift and Coordinated Elimination of the Consequences of the Disaster in Oni Print Version




Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia held a session at the Emergency Headquarters that was set up to ensure the swift and coordinated elimination of the consequences of the disaster in Oni.

The head of the government met with members of the headquarters after familiarizing himself with the situation in the villages in Racha that were affected by the disaster together with Maia Tskitishvili, vice prime minister and minister of regional development and infrastructure. The Prime Minister visited the village of Ghebi, which was cut off from the outside world due to road damage, as well as the village of Ghari, where the swollen Rioni River caused a road to collapse and damaged the pipes of Oni's central water supply system.

Giorgi Gakharia instructed the members of the headquarters to ensure that the damage caused by the disaster is repaired as soon as possible and the problems created for the population are swiftly resolved.
Members of the headquarters informed the Prime Minister that temporary access to four villages has already been restored, and access to two more villages will be restored by Monday.

After the conclusion of the session at the Emergency Headquarters, the head of the government spoke to representatives of the media about the damage caused by the disaster. According to Giorgi Gakharia, an estimated total of up to 50 million GEL will be required to eliminate the consequences of the disaster.

"First of all, thank God, there have been no casualties. Several houses were damaged. Ultimately, however, the damage is very serious. Twelve villages were cut off from the outside world. As of today, access to four villages has been temporarily restored, and access to two more villages will be restored by Monday. As regards the remaining villages such as Ghebi, Patara Ghebi, Glola, and Shovi, it seems that, given the magnitude of the damage done to the road, it will take at least one month to restore full access. We spoke with Energo Pro Georgia today and they promised that given an optimistic scenario, it will be possible to restore power in one week. All the relevant services are on site; all the villages will be accessible by helicopter and we will evacuate everyone who needs to be evacuated. These villages will be supplied with all kinds of necessary products in an organized manner. Four villages will remain cut off from the outside world for approximately one month as the main road has sustained major damage. Three approximately 250-meter-long sectors have collapsed and four bridges also need to be fully restored. According to preliminary estimates, the restoration of the main road alone will require an additional 30 million GEL. In total, up to 50 million GEL may be required to eliminate the consequences of this disaster.

Unfortunately, we will need to carry out road works for about one month in order to be able to gradually reach the villages of Ghebi, Patara Ghebi, Glola, and Shovi. However, we have been promised that given good weather conditions, we will be able to restore electricity in about one week or 10 days. All of these villages will be accessed by helicopters on a daily basis; we will evacuate those who need to be evacuated and we will transport those who need to be transported to the villages - this is not a problem and both the province and the local authorities will be responsible for this," the Prime Minister stated.

The head of the government noted that as soon as the road is opened, geologists will visit all of these villages to study both the soil and the strata that are prone to mudslides, and the corresponding decisions will be made in order to ensure that not a single citizen is at risk.

"We will lose some time. As you know, many tourists visit Shovi and since accessing Shovi in the usual way may be problematic for one month, we will help every family hotel to ensure that their guests experience minimal discomfort. Full attention will be paid to this issue; the relevant headquarters has been set up and I will have daily contact with it," the Prime Minister noted.

Representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure, the Roads Department, the United Water Supply Company, Energo Pro Georgia, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Emergency Management Agency, and the local authorities, as well as majoritarian Parliament deputies are working in a coordinated manner within the Emergency Headquarters, which was set up on the instruction of the Prime Minister and is headed by Levan Kvatadze, deputy governor of Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti Region.

Press Service of the Government Administration