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Giorgi Gakharia on Health Ministry’s report: We can call it the Ministry of Care, as clearly evidenced by the past 4 months



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It is very important to be here today. Healthcare, social affairs, labor, refugees, public healthcare, and emergency medical care-we can call this institution the Ministry of Care, as evidenced by the past 4 months as the whole world faced a global challenge. I would like to thank all healthcare professionals-and the Minister above all-for their work 24/7 in course of the past 4 months. I can assure you that they will, if need be, continue to fight the good fight, Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia stated in his speech at today's presentation of the latest report by the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labor, Health and Social Affairs.

According to the Head of Government, Georgia's healthcare system, compared to its counterparts, has been quite successful in dealing with this challenge, though it is not over by any stretch.

"The global pandemic is not a challenge facing Georgia's healthcare system alone; it is a global challenge, and I am proud to say that Georgia's healthcare system under the Minister's leadership has been more successful than others in dealing with this challenge, though its far from over, and the fight continues. Our citizens feel at peace seeing the faces we see here today. The Health Ministry is a systemic ministry encompassing numerous aspects of human life. The reforms launched by the Ministry in the course of past few months are crucial for lending sustainability to the Health Ministry's success since 2012. We have succeeded in reaching out to every citizen, and they now know that the state cares for their health, life, social conditions, employment, workplaces, and many others. All that is ensured by the Health Ministry." The Prime Minister emphasized.

Giorgi Gakharia thanked and wished success to each employee of the healthcare system.

"I would like to wish success to you and, once again, express gratitude to all of you, every employee of the healthcare system: doctors, non-medical staff, everyone! I am convinced that, through relying and setting our hope on you, we will be equally successful in dealing with everything the future has in store for us. I repeat what I always say: We have not defeated the virus. We are fighting against the virus together with you, and it is our shared success that we have the spread of the virus under control. We must keep up the good work and learn how to live with the virus. We have excelled at the retention stage, and the adaptation phase has been equally successful, but now we are at the management stage which depends largely on your professionalism. Thank you! I wish you success," the Prime Minister addressed the healthcare system's representatives.

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