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On Giorgi Gakharia's Instructions, an Emergency Headquarters has been Set Up in Racha To Ensure the Swift and Coordinated Cleanup of the Consequences of the Disaster



On the instruction of Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia, an emergency headquarters has been set up in Racha to ensure the swift and coordinated cleanup of the consequences of the disaster. The headquarters will be headed by Levan Kvatadze, deputy governor of Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti Region.

Representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure, the Roads Department, the United Water Supply Company, Energo Pro Georgia, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Emergency Management Agency, and the local authorities, as well as majoritarian Parliament deputies are working within the Emergency Headquarters in a coordinated manner.

Giorgi Gakharia held a video conference from the situation room of the National Security Council to speak with the representatives of the relevant agencies who are in the disaster zone on the instruction of the Prime Minister. The head of the government received detailed information on the situation on the ground, the damage sustained by the infrastructure, and the needs of the population.

Heavy equipment is involved in the disaster cleanup operations. At the moment, a bypass road has already been constructed at one of the damaged sections of Mamisoni Pass. Additional equipment is being deployed, though the work is hampered by difficult terrain. According to preliminary information, 10 bridges have been damaged as a result of the disaster; the main road has collapsed in eight places, as have several sections of the road leading from Oni to Shovi and inner rural roads. Twelve units of equipment - excavators, bulldozers - have been mobilized in the disaster zone. In case of necessity, five additional units of heavy equipment that are available in the region will become involved in the disaster cleanup operations.

Temporary water supply has been restored to the residents of Oni Municipality. The 400 households that were left without water due to the damaged water distribution network are receiving cisterns of drinking water.

Work is also underway to evacuate the population that has been trapped at several locations. Firefighter rescuers from the Racha-Lechkhumi Division of the Emergency Management Agency and the Emergency Situations Rapid Response Base in Tbilisi are assisting citizens in the disaster zone. More than 30 citizens have already been evacuated from the disaster zone by the helicopter that belongs to the Border Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Furthermore, citizens remaining in the disaster zone were provided with food and medicines on the spot, as needed.

In accordance with the instructions of the Prime Minister, the damage caused by the disaster must be eliminated as soon as possible and the problems faced by the population must be resolved in a timely manner.

Press Service of the Government Administration